Versilia Provisions is a department of Versilia Supply Service dedicated to supplying high quality food and beverag­es to superyachts and megayachts all over the globe, our strength is in customer satisfaction and our focus is to source refined foods from all over the world. With headquarters in Viareggio, Italy, being on the doorstep of one of the most world-renowned locations for food and wine gives our team a massive advantage in procuring only the most exceptional food and beverage.

Our team, led by ex-chefs and industry insiders, have acquired countless contacts in the sector, ensuring provident produce for their clients in every way, shape, and form. Whether you are seeking advice on the best seasonal produce available, or need us to source specialty items from your own shopping list, we give you all the support you need to complete any sized project because we have the product knowledge and expertise that only years of experience can afford.



There is nothing like fresh fish, whatever kind. We can supply you any kind of fresh fish and seafood: Tuna, Seabass, Sword fish, Sardines, Octopus, Prawns… all this fish and seafood are from freshly caught!



The Luxury food is a privilege that we want to offer you. From the top quality food you can find the best selection of Caviar, Truffle, Duck, Oyster and many others.
The Luxury food directly on your yacht!



Just fresh fruit and vegetables on board! We provide all seasonal fruit and vegetables available on our market. But if you would like, we can also provide tropical fruit, frozen fruit and many others.



We have a large assortment of Bakery products to try to satisfy our customer. It is possible choose from a wide variety of chocolate, ice cream and pasteurized fruit.



From the best dairy farms, we have an extensive variety of products. We have selected products made in European outstanding dairy farms. Your palate will be satisfied.



Are you a cake lover? Don’t worry, we can provide you everything to let you make whatever you want. We have a range of products to satisfy you in the best way possible.



We can provide you with lots of dry products. We have a wide variety of pasta, rice, spices, dry fruits and many others. We can also provide any your request!



Are you an international food lover? We can provide you an international taste experience. You can try products come from different countries of the world.

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