Yacht Clean Water Softener

Yacht Clean Water Softener


Versilia Supply Service is the official dealer of Yacht Clean, a leading manufacturer of maintenance products for Super and Mega Yachts.

One of their top products is the YC Water Softener: A compact water softener which uses manual regeneration to deliver water without hard minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium, making it ideal to wash your yacht.

The installation of a water softener provides a simple solution to overcome the limescale problem, while reducing both energy consumption and the consumption of detergents by up to 70%.

YC Water Softener is Equipped with:

Carbon Cartidge, Salt Cartidge, Counter – liter, Two fittings, Filter Housing, Hose

Why choose YC Water Softener

Easy to use, Easy to regenerate, 70% less detergent consumption


For more information, please email stefano@versilia.it