COVID – 19


In this moment of uncertainty and fear in regard to what is happening around the world due to the Coronavirus, we believe it is important to show you our attention, concern, and above all, professionalism.

First of all, we are pleased to confirm that all Versilia Supply Service and its branches are fully functional and operational; immediately we have put into place all of the recommended measures aimed at protecting the health of our employees.

Fortunately we have not found any problems. Following the new law decree n.9/2020, starting from 09/03/2020 we will adopt the following measures:

  • When our drivers make a delivery, you are invited to sign the delivery notes with your own pen to avoid change of hand
  • Our delivery staff will wear FFP2 or FFP3 masks to give you maximum protection
  • All physical contact, including handshakes, will be avoided-We will keep at least one meter away during our interaction with you.
  • We will keep at least one meter away during our interaction with you.


In compliance with the DPCM 8 March 2020, Versilia Supply Service informs you of the regular operation of their work activity. Our salespeople are fully active and will operate with the same commitment as always. Everyone is fully aware of having to pay even more attention to hygiene rules and to work only if in maximum health.

As specified by the Ministry of Transport, the restriction is not applied to goods, therefore, in collaboration with our vehicles and our carriers, we guarantee the regular delivery of your orders.

At times like these, we are certain that it is necessary to remain calm and to move forward proudly, with prudence and a sense of responsibility but also thinking that we must carry on with our work.

We therefore ask you to be united with us, and to continue to trust in us as we have always given to you.