Viareggio may seem unassuming to the untrained eye, but along with Livorno and La Spezia, they form the focal point of the Italian yacht building industry. It’s been estimated that 30 percent of the worlds superyachts are built in Italy, with the vast majority coming from the aforementioned 3 towns. The proximity to this activity really gives VSS an advantage in dealing with new build yachts, as the industry has blossomed and grown around them for decades, providing thousands of contacts at our disposal, whatever the request may be.

New build clients can take advantage of the various skill sets on offer through VSS’s dedicated staff. Whether it be financial matters such as VAT and budgeting, or technical assistance through the wealth of experience obtained in serving yachts of all shapes and sizes over the years. VSS can assist with the logistical side of the process. Through their extensive warehouse, they can store your goods until you are ready to receive them on board, fully labelled and categorized by department.