New Build

Outsourcing Service & High Standard

We provide an outsourcing service to shipyards allowing them to focus on their core business, building yachts, while we source and supply the equipment and parts they need to build to the high standards of compliance required today, and we also take over the complete logistic side of their after sales service.
In this manner the after sales service provides a continuity of service after the yacht has left the yard to the owner and his Captain ensuring that they are satisfied with the yard’s brand.

Providing Solutions

With VSS it is possible to provide a very high standard local or global service without major investments or negative side effects on your business organization.
Versilia Supply Service are the oldest specialist supply company operating in Italy and are masters in sourcing and supplying everything needed onboard a yacht.

Best Prices & Efficient Delivery Service

Due to our purchasing power we will always have the best prices available and with our own fleet of vehicles we are also able to guarantee an efficient delivery service both in terms of cost and time. This is our core business.

Versilia Supply New Build department is able to provide an outfitting service second to none with nearly three decades of experience alongside the latest technical innovations in both logistics and software.


The back ground experience before Versilia Supply began business in yachting was that of the supply of commercial vessels and this gives Versilia a professional grounding in the logistics of supply. This professional background is today seen in the planning and detailed information provided by Versilia Supply to all customers from the purchasing lists to inventories and barcoding of all the goods for ease of reconciliation with on-board inventory systems.


The delivery and pre-delivery warehousing of all the equipment and goods is also made simple by the use of our own warehouses and vehicles so increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Versilia Supply will also produce not just purchasing lists for the various on-board departments saving the build crew a lot of work but also once the out-fitting is complete a comprehensive catalogue personalised to the vessel.