How do I go about opening an account?

For those that want to take advantage of a credit account, we will need the following documentation: A copy of the Certificate of Registry for the vessel, along with our Credit Application form filled out. Your contact at VSS can help you through the process should you have any questions. If you are new to VSS, please contact Stefano Tomei on stefano@versilia.it

How do I place a request?

It is as easy as contacting your designated account manager with all the technical details of the product you require. We aim to provide the most competitive prices with the shortest lead times possible.

Where do we deliver?

Simply put, we deliver worldwide. Whether it be by our fleet of specialized vehicles, that deliver all throughout the Mediterranean, or via world-renowned couriers for deliveries further afield, we will get your goods to you in the most cost effective, timely manner possible.

Can I save VAT?

There are specific criteria that must be met in order to avoid paying VAT. Your VSS account manager will review your situation, and advise you on the best course of action.

How do I know if a product is available?

Most of the products on sale in our catalogue are available for immediate purchase. The availability of our products will be confirmed by your account manager at the time of enquiry and/or confirmation.

How can I track my orders?

Using our online portal MYVSS, you are able to monitor the status of your orders, review quotations, check delivery notes or invoices, order product and make enquiries all in one app. Ask your account manager how you can access MYVSS today.

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